The Idea

The Inspire Festival will be a community festival in Glossop, embracing all aspects of the local community.  Let’s get together and make this happen!

image of art and music

Images by cobalt123 and @Doug88888.

What’s going on in town? Lots! But – and this is the big problem – there’s no central clearinghouse of information for all the groups, societies, organisations, etc putting on interesting programmes and events in our beloved Glossopdale. One of the chief aims of Inspire Festival is to remedy this by putting together a community leaflet. We’ll circulate this on the day of the festival and also online.

The festival will include:

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Culture
  • Local Shops / Traders
  • Local Organisations and Charities


Images of peace, equality, and the local community

Images by B I R D, saxarocks, and Gene Hunt.

  • To promote community connections and prevent isolation.
  • To enable groups and organisations which benefit the community and individuals to promote themselves and the services that they provide.
  • To provide a diverse range of activities and entertainment.
  • To provide a fun, engaging, and positive atmosphere.
  • To inspire:
    • Arts
    • Peace
    • Culture
    • Equality
    • Diversity
    • Wellbeing
    • Fair Trade
    • Sustainability
    • Animal Rights
    • Human Rights
    • Local Community
    • Local Shops and Traders
    • Green and Environmental
    • Positivity and Compassion
    • Protecting the NHS and Public Sector