What’s on NW Apr 2013

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What’s on North West Newsletter April 2013 [pdf]

Glossop Community Group

Please join and share!

Description & Aims:

  • To enable community information to be shared
  • To support the local community
  • To support local shops, local independent pubs, and our market
  • To bring people together and prevent isolation

How this will be achieved:

  • The community group will bring groups, organisations, and individuals together and encourage them to share information.
  • Newsletters will be sent out monthly.
  • The Facebook page will be updated regularly to display valuable information.
  • A forum will enable people to communicate on the group.
  • The group will work closely with others to share information.

The group will support …

  • Community Groups
  • Events and Meetups
  • Health and Well being
  • Supporting the Public Sector
  • Supporting the NHS
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Projects/Campaign Groups
  • Charities
  • Human Rights
  • Green/Environmental
  • Animal Rights
  • Diversity & Equality
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Compassion and Positivity
  • Mindfulness
  • Peace
  • Grassroots
  • Preventing Isolation
  • Local Shops
  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainability
  • Local, non-chain pubs

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  • Walk the Wheel celebrates Beltane

    Saturday 4th May, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Hadfield Community Room, Railway Street, Hadfield, SK13 2AA

    Come and experience the bright, blooming energies of spring in full swing with an evening of creative sharing with Walk the Wheel.

    The time of preparation, planning, and persevering is over. Warmth is returning to the land and with it new life is bursting forth.

    Put aside dark thoughts and ponderings and join us celebrate this joyful time of year!

    Enthusiasm, excitement, and enjoyment are key at the Celtic fire festival of Beltane.

    As the land begins to display its beauty and fertility – in flower, leaf, and lamb – so we acknowledge our own passions and determination, weaving them together to create action and adventure in the summer season ahead.

    This is a participatory event; attendees are encouraged to bring their own favourite seasonal poems/stories/art/ideas to share and enjoy with the group.

    A donation of £2.50 towards room hire would be very gratefully received. Refreshments will be provided.

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  • Envirolution


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  • High Peak Women’s Aid Charity Fundraiser


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  • Tottington Tidy Up

    Can you spare some time for a good cause?

    Tottington (Bury) is having a tidy up on Sunday 19th May. We’ll be concentrating on The Kirklees Trail. If anyone can help we will meet at the bottom (Kirklees Trail) end of Laurel Street in Tottington at 10am. Rubbish sacks will be provided and you can borrow gloves and litter pickers.

    If anyone in the area is not available please consider having a litter pick outside your house or business. We can try to get everywhere tidy then!

    You can follow our progress on Twitter @TottingtonLife #tidytotty. Why not tweet us your #tidytotty photos?

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What’s on North West Community Group

Please remember the group is here for you to use, to share information, post events, groups, meetups, causes, and more.

There are discussions on a variety of subjects which can be found in the Notes Tab.

If you would like something to appear in the next newsletter, please just send the details to: whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk.

Please spread the word! The more people we get posting, sharing, and discussing, the more diverse the group becomes. With people from different areas posting and sharing information, the more accessible it will be for all.

Social Games

There are also group social games in the Notes tab. Please take a look and join in! 🙂

Group Suggestions

The What’s on North West Group is a community group for you to use. If you have any suggestions for the group please post them on this facebook thread. It is important to hear your views.

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Like-minded friends

Finding like-minded friendships through mutual interests and hobbies

I have started this Facebook Note for people to post and discuss their interests and hobbies, which will hopefully enable people to find like-minded friends.

Please share your interests on this Note and respond to others’ posts; please also suggest meetups and events. I will post your meetup events and groups in the events section and on the newsletter; please just ask via this link or by email at whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk.

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Please post anything that promotes well-being on this facebook thread. I have already started this off with links and book suggestions.

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Meditation & Relaxation

Please post and share Meditation and Relaxation videos and music on this facebook thread.

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Positivity and compassion

Please post anything that promotes positivity and compassion on this facebook thread.

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Your Group’s Link

Add your Group’s or Organisation’s webpage/link

Please post group and organisation web links on this facebook thread.

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Events and Meetups

I will be planning some events and meetups over summer so watch this space 🙂

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