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These stands will be at the festival; scroll down or click to jump down for more information.

Better Breathing with Buteyko


Buteyko is a natural, drug-free control of asthma and allergies, anxiety and stress, snoring and sleep problems. This information table will be provided by Dr Janet Winter (PhD), who will also be running a workshop.

Buteyko breathing can help many symptoms such as: blocked nose, throat clearing or constriction, chronic cough, breathlessness, allergies, headaches, panic, anxiety, stress, poor concentration, fatigue, IBS, hyperventilation syndrome, poor sleep, and snoring to name but a few.

Janet Winter

Janet worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years but now she promotes the natural, drug-free Buteyko method to control asthma and other hyperventilation-related health problems. The method works particularly quickly in children (age 5 and above) – many parents would prefer a non-drug approach for their kids if they knew of one! This complementary therapy has been proven in clinical trials to safely reduce the need for reliever medication and reduce asthma symptoms. Janet learned the method for her own health, successfully controlling her severe migraines and panic attacks, and now she promotes and teaches it to others.

Could better breathing be the key to your or your loved one’s better health?

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Image of Bruce Kent speaking

Bruce Kent

Has campaigned for nuclear disarmament for over 50 years, as well as human rights, peace, poverty, and many other worthy causes.

C.A.G.E.D. – Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation and Death

Michelle Holmes will be representing Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation and Death Northwest, and also supporting other animal rights groups and campaigns.

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Derbyshire Carers Association

Derbyshire Carers Association

We are a Derbyshire Wide Charity supporting informal carers to access services and benefits they may be entitled to and to meet with others in a similar situation to share experiences and support.

Girl Guides

Girl Guides

Girl guides will be toasting marshmallows and making s’mores while giving you information about Girl Guiding and what they do.

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Glossop Amnesty International Group

We are part of Amnesty International. We are a campaigning organisation; it’s what we do. Our purpose is to protect people wherever justice, fairness, freedom, and truth are denied.

Our group has been going for 21 years in Glossop and meets once a month at the Central Methodist church on the 3rd Wednesday (except August and December). Every year we organise several events including letter writing evenings and a stall at the Glossop Carnival. Our biggest yearly event is the Greetings Card Campaign and Craft Fair every November at Central Methodist Church (it’s on the 16th this year).

Bride with her guide dog

Glossop Guide Dogs for the Blind

Our stand will be promoting the work that the Guide Dogs do and we shall also be selling gifts from our catalog and running a tombola. We shall have 2 guide dogs and a guide dog support dog who are all adorable and love cuddles!

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Glossop Guild

Glossop Guild


Glossop Guild is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to the provision of high quality courses which are both enjoyable and stimulating.

Glossop Fairtrade

Glossopdale Fairtrade Group

Glossopdale Fairtrade Group is a voluntary, grass roots movement campaigning to encourage local employers and businesses, shops, cafés, restaurants, schools, churches, and community groups to use Fairtrade and fairly traded products.

During the Inspire Festival, we will be making a giant collage of the Fairtrade logo and inviting children and young people to get creative and do some junk modelling with Fairtrade product packaging.

The Fairtrade scheme combats unjust rules that govern many international trade agreements and guarantees a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. Products with the Fairtrade logo mean that farmers and producers get a fair price for their products to help them and their families towards a better life. Some money is also given to the community where they live to build schools, provide health clinics, improve water supplies, protect the environment, and develop other projects that benefit local people.

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Glossopdale Transition Initiative

Glossopdale Transition Initiative is a group exploring ways of adapting to the pressures of climate change, resource depletion, and economic austerity. It is part of the Transition Network, an international movement operating on the local level.

Whether you’re passionate about local food & textiles, cleaner transport, renewable energy, or alternate economic arrangements, there’s something for everyone. They’re looking for more people to join in helping transform Glossopdale into a greener community, capable of facing these challenges.

In addition to the main Transition group, there are these sub-groups so far:

Feel free to join in any, all, or none of the subgroups, or even help set up a new one — whatever suits you!

High Peak Women's Aid

High Peak Women’s Aid

A locally run organisation offering free support to women and children in the High Peak.

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The Christie Macmillan Cancer Support

Let’s Be Clear – Get It Checked


A joint project from Macmillan Cancer Support and The Christie

We intend to hold an Information Stall that will include some interactive games, such as ‘Hook a Duck’, and some new electronic games. Our aim will be to raise awareness about cancer signs & symptoms and carry out brief advice sessions with people.

For more information, please see our project poster, card, or leaflet.

Operation Florian

Operation Florian

A fire and rescue humanitarian charity that provides equipment and training across the world to fire services that request assisstance. They can then protect their local communities.

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St Christopher’s Trust

A registered charity established in 1954 as a residential school for people with learning disabilities, the trust provides residential and domiciliary care and support to adults in Glossop and Buxton, and we offer supported housing in Glossop.

Come find out what we do, how you can help, and what a punch ball is!

The Big S_sm


The BIG S is a support group for people who have suffered a brain injury and their carers. We will be promoting this group, and also selling some wooden homemade animals.

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The Wellspring

The Wellspring

The Wellspring is a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people. The Wellspring will be giving out information and also providing a fun game for all to play called The Human Fruit Machine.

Tommy's baby charity

Tommy’s Baby Charity

Glossop resident Ciara Curran is raising awareness for PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes, when your waters break early). After her own experience with PPROM, she decided to make a difference by empowering women so they would not suffer the same fate as her.

She is also raising money for Tommy’s baby charity. She has completed the London Marathon and the Greath North Run; through these and various other fundraising activities, she has raised over £6,000 for Tommy’s so far – but she isn’t finished yet!

Ciara will have a stall and give a talk to raise awareness of this issue.

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Walk the Wheel

Walk The Wheel

WALK THE WHEEL was created in October 2012, with an aim to inspire people to take notice of what is around them. It seeks to draw attention to the natural world and our place within it, highlighting the intrinsic connection between all life on the planet. We firmly believe that by continually exploring and experiencing this connection, we can all be inspired to appreciate what we have and improve our health and wellbeing being as a result.

At the Inspire Festival, WALK THE WHEEL wants to inspire YOU to take a new look at the world and share with us what you see! At our stand you’ll find simple arts and crafts and small challenges designed to get you taking notice of your surroundings. Festival goers are also invited to attend a small creative sharing (time to be confirmed), to hear poems and stories that reflect the upcoming seasonal festival – Lammas or Lughnasadh – and perhaps share something themselves!

WALK THE WHEEL’s activity stand will be in the grassy area behind the church.

For more information on WtW events find us on Facebook (Walk The Wheel) or Twitter (@walkthewheel).

Work out eat out

Work Out Eat Out

Work Out Eat Out presents “Ready, Steady, Chair!” a chair-based exercise with imaginative cooking. Our sessions are aimed at adults with learning difficulties and tackle social isolation and promote physical activity with sound nutrition.

We are a new service based at The Angel Centre, Salford and are still developing our curriculum. At the festival we will demonstrate some of our sessions in a workshop and hopefully get people involved. More importantly, we want to find out from potential users what they want for their health and wellbeing!

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