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Better Breathing with Buteyko

Buteyko is a natural, drug-free control of asthma and allergies, anxiety and stress, snoring and sleep problems. This workshop will be led by Dr Janet Winter (PhD).

In this workshop you will hear about the Buteyko breathing method, the importance of good breathing for good health, how to check your own breathing, and tips to improve it.

Buteyko breathing can help many symptoms such as: blocked nose, throat clearing or constriction, chronic cough, breathlessness, allergies, headaches, panic, anxiety, stress, poor concentration, fatigue, IBS, hyperventilation syndrome, poor sleep, and snoring to name but a few.

Janet Winter

Janet worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years but now she promotes the natural, drug-free Buteyko method to control asthma and other hyperventilation-related health problems. The method works particularly quickly in children (age 5 and above) – many parents would prefer a non-drug approach for their kids if they knew of one! This complementary therapy has been proven in clinical trials to safely reduce the need for reliever medication and reduce asthma symptoms. Janet learned the method for her own health, successfully controlling her severe migraines and panic attacks, and now she promotes and teaches it to others.

In addition to the workshop, Janet will be running a stand to provide further information.

Could better breathing be the key to your or your loved one’s better health?

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm.

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Flower Origami Lights Workshop

Create your own Origami Flower that will be put together to form lights to decorate the woods.

This workshop is part of our Enchanted Woodland Theme, and will be held in the grassy area behind the church from 12:30pm to 1:00 pm.

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image of a child making art at a workshop

Kids: Create Your Own Picture Book!

Kids, how would you like to create your own story, complete with pictures? You can do it in this workshop!

Andrew Gilmore is the author of The Boy with Eyes the Size of Miami Football Stadium. He’ll take you step by step through drawing and writing your very own adventure story!

Andrew provides a step by step guide using storytelling and exciting visuals for the children. Children take part in a drawing activity and then a creative writing adventure. The workshop encourages children to be creative, observant, and self-motivated. Parents are welcome to attend this workshop with their children.

This workshop is suitable for ages 3 and up.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from Noon to 1:00 pm.

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Reflexology chart printed onto socks

Massage and Reflexology

Catherine Pape is a massage therapist and works for Bodycheck. She will provide demonstrations of seated massage, sports massage, and reflexology.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room One from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

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Native Americans

Native American Meditation

Involving dance, chanting, and meditation. This ritual comes from Cherokee earth wisdom Teachings passed down the Cherokee Ywahoo family for 27 generations. Dyhanni Ywahoo, who founded and leads Sunray Meditation Society to share these teachings beyond the family. Jill Neves was empowered to pass on teachings in 1991 by a senior member, and will share them with you on the day of the festival.

Sunray Meditation Society is an international spiritual society dedicated to planetary peace. Its purpose is to manifest the Native American ideal of Circle Mind (the thought of all beings as relatives in the field of life), so that we may create a world of harmony upon the Earth and throughout the Family of Life.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room One from 12:30 to 1:30 pm and again in Workshop Room One from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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Northern School of Permaculture

Northern School of Permaculture

“Glossop: A town to be proud of. Growing what we’ve got” – workshop given by Angus Soutar and friends.

This workshop will follow on from Northern School of Permaculture’s talk (which runs in the Live Acts room from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm) by applying themes raised in the talk to Glossop in particular. It will not be necessary for participants to have attended the talk, but it is anticipated that some who have attended the talk will want to apply and develop thoughts generated by it.

Glossop is a town to be proud of – let’s make it happen!

The Northern School of Permaculture provides training and professional development services to build skills in productive, functional design. We work predominantly at the community level, taking a holistic and ecological approach to design.

Angus Soutar is the Development Director of CommEnt CIC, an independent enterpriser that assists with the running of community projects. He is also the senior teacher with the Northern School of Permaculture.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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Wandering Shadows

Wandering Shadows

A journey beyond home, beyond the known…

A creation of contemporary circus and shadow play. Focussing on the collaboration of shadow play, contemporary circus, and storytelling, the intention is to display and teach such methods of beauty.

There will also be a performance in the Live Acts room from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

About the Artist

I am a street theatre and hula hoop artist. I am mainly self-taught, but have been supported by the circus school of Rio de Janeiro, Mintfest’s Street Artists School, and No Fit State. I am now currently training at Greentop Circus, within the Circus in Performance course, with my placement funded by the Arts Council. I am a founding member of Travelling Light Circus and Cirqanova, and have created various performances for Arcadia Spectacular, Boom Festival, and various other festivals.

The Journey of Wandering Shadows

With this experience, I am now ready to create my first full scale theatre piece, with complimentary workshops. This was inspired by my year spent in Brazil, a journey which taught me the significance of exploration, curiosity, and compassion, whilst absorbing myself into the circus training and the Portuguese language. Once I returned to the UK, I was selected for an artist development programme, Hot House, and collaborated with Shifting Sands Theatre, where Wandering Shadows was born. Since then, I have been funded by the British Arts Council for this project and am currently undergoing professional development as an emerging performance artist. Thus this piece is currently work-in-progress, and shall be toured around the UK, with slots also in Holland and Sweden. You can follow the journey of Wandering Shadows at my blog.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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Work out eat out

Work Out Eat Out

Work Out Eat Out presents “Ready, Steady, Chair!” a chair based exercise with imaginative cooking. Our sessions are aimed at adults with learning difficulties and tackle social isolation and promote physical activity with sound nutrition.

We are a new service based at The Angel Centre, Salford and are still developing our curriculum. In addition to this workshop, we will have a stand – we want to spread the word about us and find out from potential users what they want for their health and wellbeing!

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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Yoga in Glossop


During the yoga workshop we will be sensitively integrating the body, breath, and mind to enhance our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. By introducing flowing rhythmic movements, integrating breathing and meditative practices, these simple yogic tools will not only bring about a sense of physical ease, but will also help settle the easily distracted mind. By the end of the workshop session, you will go home feeling refreshed and relaxed, inside and out, restoring a sense of wellbeing, balance, and harmony.

This workshop will be in Workshop Room Two from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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