Inspire Festival Jul 2013

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Inspire Festival Newsletter July 2013 [pdf] which includes …

Community Get Together

  • Do you run a group or organisation? Would you like to promote it?
  • Would you like to make community connections?
  • Would you like to find out about what is available in your community?
  • Would you like to share your points of view and ideas?

If you are interested in any of the above, please come along to our Community Get Together. The aim is to bring together groups, organisations, and members of the public who are interested in the community, in order to provide an opportunity for the groups to promote what they do.

Groups will be given a 10-minute slot. There are 8 slots (at time of writing!), which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to groups and organisations which benefit the community.

Once the groups have finished their talks, there will be an opportunity for everyone (including members of the public) to ask questions, make suggestions, share view points, and discuss our community.

The first half of the meeting will last one hour and twenty minutes; it is for the community groups and organisations to talk about what they do. The rest of the time is set aside to allow members of the public to ask groups questions, make suggestions, and share viewpoints and ideas.

Book a place by emailing Nicola at

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Café and World Music

There is a café where you can buy refreshments and drinks whilst listening to a variety of world music.

The café also backs onto the green space behind the church, where the Enchanted Woodland Theme stalls and activities will take place.

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Information for The Enchanted Woodland

The enchanted woodland themed area will be held on the grassy area behind the church. This green space offers you a chance to relax and/or enjoy the variety of activities. There is a hatch to the café where you can order food.

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Information for Stands & Stalls

  • Stands and stalls will be set up on the car park.
  • Please note: You will need to bring along your own tables and chairs and gazebo for shelter. Please also note that spaces for each stall/stand are 3 metres wide.
  • To enable you more ease with setting up your stand or stall, Nicola has staggered the arrival times to avoid the chaos of everyone arriving at the same time. Please arrive in your 10-minute slot as shown below:
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    Information for bands and performers

    You will be given a one-hour slot. This includes your playing time, as well as time to promote your group/band, etc, sell merchandise, and give out information for future gigs/events. The hour also includes time for the rotation of bands, so please be aware of this.

    Please note: We have a PA system, but you will have to bring along your own instruments.

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    Information for Live Acts

    There is a projector screen that you can use if you wish, however, you will need to bring your own laptop (as we don’t have one available). Please note that it will also be your responsibility to monitor your laptop.

    You will be given a one-hour slot. You can use the whole hour or just part of the hour, if you prefer. Please feel free to use the hour to also promote your group and future events.

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    Information for Workshops

    You will be given a one-hour slot. This includes time for you to run your workshop as well as promoting your group/organisation and future events.

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    Community Questionnaire – Suggestions and Inspire Festival Comments

    Nicola has put together a Community Questionnaire which aims to provide you with an opportunity to express your thoughts on the community. Please email to request a copy of the questionnaire.

    There will be an opportunity to discuss the results of the questionnaire at the Community Get Together, from 5pm to 7pm, at the Inspire Festival.

    Future Community Get Together

    The questionnaire will also be on the welcome desk so people can fill it in on the day. Nicola will then arrange a future meeting for groups, organisations, and members of the public to come together again.

    Inspire Festival Comments

    Nicola would very much appreciate your comments on the Inspire Festival, so please post these into the comment box on the welcome desk.

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    Community Information

    There will be a Community Information stand next to the Welcome Stand to enable people to drop off information on groups, organisations, and anything that benefits the community. Also welcome are leaflets and details for local shops and traders and market stall holders.

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    Volunteer at the Inspire Festival – Support Needed on the Day

    We need lots of people to support the festival on the day so that each volunteer can enjoy the festival and have regular breaks. The amount of time you volunteer for is up to you.

    Help Wanted

    • Steward: supporting people on the day at any of our venues
    • Welcoming stand: hand out programmes, answer queries
    • Stage Manager
    • Workshop Manager
    • Guest Speaker Manager
    • First Aiders

    If you’re interested, please either get in touch as outlined below, or join the Inspire Festival Volunteer Facebook Group.

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    Poster & Leaflet Distribution

    If anyone would like some posters and/or leaflets, or can distribute some, please get in touch.

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    Glossop Community Group

    Nicola formed the Glossop Community Group to enable people, groups, and organisations to come together and share what they do.

    The aim of this group is to reduce and prevent isolation by bringing people, groups, and organisations together.

    It is a community group for you to use to share information – so please do, and also join the mailing list by emailing

    Nicola will be planning regular get togethers, meetings, and social meetups, as well as helping to promote your groups and organisations. She would like to encourage people to please post on the group, and also email her information for the monthly newsletters.

    For more information, please see the this post.

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    Enchanted Woodland Parade

    Enchanted Woodland Parade flyer 2013_0513

    Time: 2pm

    Starting Point: Central Methodist Church

    Route Option One:

    Proceed along Chapel Street, enter Hare Hills Wood from George Street, go over the bridge, turn left along the tree-lined Philip Howard Road, join St Mary’s Road, then re-join the footpath that leads through the woods and along the riverside, then cross the river again over the bridge, join George Street, turn left onto Chapel Street, and go back to the Church.

    Route Option Two:

    Proceed along Chapel Street to the end of the road (near the market), turn into Hare Hills Wood and follow the footpath to the end and on to St Mary’s Road, take a left onto tree-lined Philip Howard Road, then left again along Chapel Street, and go back to the church.

    This route avoids the bridge, because there is a barrier to prevent bicyclists from cycling across the bridge, which makes it difficult for wheelchair users to cross.

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