Information for Participants

Are you one of the many, many people coming together to make this festival happen? Are you running a stand, playing some music, putting on a workshop, or doing one of the myriad other things to make the festival rich and varied? Are you preparing your costume for our Enchanted Woodland Parade? Are you sparing a couple of hours to point people in the right direction on the day? If so, Thank You!!! We really couldn’t do it without you!

Whether you have already signed up to participate or are still considering it, you might have some questions about how the festival is arranged, where you might be located, what the facilities are, etc. Below please find some answers along those lines. If you have any further questions, please email and ask!



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Performances (listed on this page) will take place in the hall of Central Methodist Church, which has a stage and a PA system. We anticipate each band playing for about 45 minutes, with about 15 minutes between bands for breakdown and setup.


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Stands and Stalls

These will be located on the car park of Central Methodist Church. Your space will be 3 meters long. Please bring your own table, chairs, and shelter (gazebo, etc) in case of bad weather.

Please click for your arrival time slot

For reasons of ease and health&safety, arrival and set up times for the stands and stalls has been staggered. Hopefully, this will reduce or prevent cars queuing to get on the car park. During your ten-minute slot, please drive onto the car park, unload your things, and then move your car to another car park. There is a council car park situated at the end of the road (follow Chapel Street to the end, turn right, and it’s on the left).

Live Acts

These will be located in a large room in the church. There will be theatre-style seating and a projector screen available.

image of workshop

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There are two rooms for workshops. One has comfortable chairs and will be used for quieter workshops. The other is slightly larger and will be used for more active workshops.

Enchanted woodland

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Enchanted Woodland Activities

Many of these will take place in the green grassy area behind the church. The parade will proceed through Harehills Park. Check the programme for specific events, or ask on the day at the welcome desk.

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Disability Access

A quick note for all: there is disability access throughout the building, including a disabled toilet. There is also a hearing loop system.