Help out

Image of many people pulling a rope to wind a trebuchet at a medieval fair

We are very grateful to all those who have helped with building our festival so far – from all those arranging to provide stalls, entertainment, etc, to those helping with venues (thank you to the Central Methodist Church and to Sean Wood of the Rugby Club, even if it didn’t meet our needs in the end). We are grateful to far more people besides – many thanks to all of you!

However, we do still need some more help – call us greedy, but we really just want a first-class festival for Glossopdale! We would appreciate help and support from the Glossopdale community in the following areas.


We need lots of people to support the festival on the day so that each volunteer can enjoy the festival and have regular breaks. The amount of time you volunteer for is up to you.

Help Wanted

  • Steward: supporting people on the day at any of our venues
  • Welcoming stand: hand out programmes, answer queries
  • Stage Manager
  • Workshop Manager
  • Guest Speaker Manager
  • First Aiders

If you’re interested, please either get in touch as outlined below, or join the Inspire Festival Volunteer Facebook Group.


Already participating? See here for information just for you!

Contact Information

Anyone wishing to be involved and offer support, or just wanting more information about the festival, please contact us: