Meeting Postponed

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Hello All,

The meeting for the Inspire Festival has been postponed. I am going through a period of illness and awaiting test result. I will hopefully have things sorted out soon and be back to normal, and then I can re-arrange the meeting. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
Nicola Worswick

Next Meeting Announced


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Our next meeting will be held at 7:30pm Thursday the 30th of May 2013. The venue is The Globe, 144 High Street West, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8HJ. All are welcome.

This meeting will include:

  • A chance to share ideas
  • A chance for groups who are participating in the festival to talk about what they will be doing at the festival
  • A chance to discuss volunteering to help with the festival

Working away

I’m so sorry this website has languished – that’s what happens when the webmistress leaves home for five weeks and is ill for another three! Life is just about back to normal (for now), so I can update you on all the hard work that’s been happening in my absence. Some of you may have seen the updates in our newsletters or on facebook or twitter, so to you this will be old news, but I shall post it here to catch up anyone who hasn’t done.



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Nicola’s put together a booklet to explain what the festival is all about, what sorts of things we have planned, etc. If you’ve read through the website (or the facebook/twitter posts), you’re already familiar with this information, but if you want to share the festival with friends who don’t want to poke around the website, this is a good resource that has encapsulated much of what there is to know about the festival.



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There’s been an Inspire Festival newsletter, the April edition. Our sister group, What’s On North West, has been busily spreading word of events going on in our area through its April and May newsletters.

Financial Matters

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As you may have seen in our April newsletter, we were awarded some funding: many, many thanks to artsderbyshire, Councillor Peter Waude, and Councillor Dave Wilcox! With this funding, we will be able to pay for the liability insurance and for posters to promote the festival. If you are participating in the festival (stall holders, speakers, performers, workshop providers, etc), please get in touch with us about insurance requirements if you haven’t already. Also for participants: please see page 6 of the April newsletter for pertinent information.

Enchanted Woodland Parade

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Continuing the good news, we have also secured prizes for Best Dressed in our Enchanted Woodland Parade, with many thanks to the Chestnut Centre Conservation & Wildlife Park! There will be two categories: one for those aged 8 and under, and another for those aged over 8. Each of the two winners will receive a Family Ticket (that’s 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children) to the Chestnut Centre, plus be able to adopt an animal of the winner’s choice! We are very grateful to the Chestnut Centre for this generous donation. Now get your thinking caps on – what can you dress up as to impress the judges? Use your imagination! There are a few suggestions on our poster.



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Several more groups have booked slots for stalls and workshops at the festival since I’ve been gone, and I’ll be getting them listed on the website soon; thank you all for your patience. We do still have space for a few more workshops and performers, so if you want to join in – do get in touch!

Volunteers Needed

Help Wanted

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One last thing. We could really use a bit more help. Could you give us a few hours of your time to steward the festival on the day? Or perhaps you’d like to lend a hand but won’t be available on our festival day? If so, we would be really grateful if you could put up a few posters in advance of the festival. In either case, please get in touch (via email, facebook, twitter, or commenting below) or feel free to come along to our next meeting!