Community Leaflet

Further towards our aim of trying to provide information on as many local groups, etc, as possible to as wide an audience as we can, Nicola’s putting together a community leaflet and would love your local organisation or shop to be listed in it. We want this to be a brief, easy-to-read affair, so if you’re interested, please email the following:

  • A sentence or so describing your group
  • Contact details for anyone interested in joining your group / patronising your shop / etc

What will be accepted?

  • Information of interest and/or benefit to the community (e.g. from groups, organisations, and charities)
  • Information from local shops, market traders, and non-chain pubs

Please email the information to

Deadline: 30 June 2013

Announcing our new sister – Glossop Community Group!

As some of you fine folks will be aware, Inspire Festival is the brainchild of Nicola, after she’d been running the What’s On Northwest facebook page for some time. She saw a ripe opportunity for getting these groups together for a festival, connecting the public to the various organisations that are around locally.

Glossop Community Group

The Northwest, however, is quite a large area! To help perpetuate all that this festival is bringing together, with particular respect to the Glossop community, Nicola has decided to start a Glossop Community Group. So, What’s On Northwest is our parent, I suppose, and Glossop Community Group is our sister. Currently, the group only has a facebook page, but the aim is to create a website for it as well; we shall of course update here when that comes to fruition.

Some Q & A …

What does Glossop Community Group want to do? Glossop Community Group will aim to support all of the local community including local shops, local independent non chain pubs, and the local market. The idea is to enable community information to be shared and to bring people together to prevent isolation.

What kind of information does Glossop Community Group want to share and spread? Anything having to do with community groups, events, meetups, hobbies, interests, arts, culture, campaign groups (including grassroots campaigns), charities, fair trade, local shops and pubs, health and well being, supporting the public sector, supporting the NHS, human rights, animal rights, environmental issues, sustainability, diversity and equality, compassion and positivity, mindfulness, peace – in short, anything to help prevent isolation!


Image by ChrisL_AK.

How will this be done? Well, the community group will provide a place for groups, organisations, and individuals to share information. Both the aforementioned website and facebook page will be interactive, enabling community members to communicate regularly. Newsletters will be emailed out, as well as printed and displayed in public places.

Those who aren’t online can get their message out either by using the library’s computers, or by writing a note on the end of the printed newsletters, which will be collected when the new newsletters are distributed, and that information will then be shared. For any who opt for this method, you’ll need to give at least two months’ notice before an event in order for it to be publicised in time.

Exciting times! What events do you have to share with the community? Share them now!

Either go on over to the facebook page and type away, or – if you don’t want to touch facebook with a ten-foot pole (for which I don’t blame you!), feel free to leave a comment here and I will paste it to the facebook page for you (until the website’s up for that group). If you want to sign up for the newsletter, just send an email to Nicola at