What a day!

Inspire Festival 2013 went really well! A big thank you to all who came and participated – you made the day what it was.

I was rather busy all day, so only managed to snap a few photos from the day. They are now on The Photos page – feel free to have a gander. If you have any more photos you wouldn’t mind sharing, please do send them to me.


Nicola’s put out her summary newsletter – you can download it here or read the text on The News page. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let Nicola know by emailing whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk.

Plans are already afoot for next year’s festival – this time the grassy area behind the church will be themed Dreams and Nightmares. Please do get in touch with Nicola if you’re interested in helping make next year’s festival happen – many more volunteers are needed to make it a great day for all.

Plans are also afoot for keeping the community spirit going that we hope was enhanced by the festival. Our parent group, What’s On North West England, will continue to publish newsletters promoting events going on in the north west. Post your events to that facebook page or email them to whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk for inclusion in the newsletter. Our sister group, Glossop Community Group, will continue to try to bring groups together, through newsletters and occassional meetings through the year. Post your group’s information to that facebook page or email the same address, whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk, for inclusion in the newsletter.

For future updates about Inspire Festival, please follow us on Facebook Logo facebook, Twitter Logo twitter, or through our mailing list.

Volunteers Needed!

Meeting tomorrow – Thursday the 1st of August, at 7:30pm.

The meeting will be held at The Globe, 144 High Street West, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8HJ.

We still need volunteers to help things run well on the day – please come along if you think you can help at all. We need help in these areas:

  • Steward: supporting people on the day at any of our venues
  • Welcoming stand: hand out programmes, answer queries
  • Stage Manager
  • Workshop Manager
  • Guest Speaker Manager
  • First Aiders

If you can spare some time and would like to volunteer at the Inspire Festival please get in touch or come along to the meeting, if you can.

If you run a group or organisation, please could you let your members know, we are hoping to get lots of volunteers on the day to enable all volunteers to have regular breaks and enjoy the day.

If you would like Nicola to write that you volunteered at the festival and highlight your skills and what you did (for career purposes) she will do this.

Volunteers will get a free lunch and drinks at the venue’s café.

The more volunteers the better!

Community Leaflet

Further towards our aim of trying to provide information on as many local groups, etc, as possible to as wide an audience as we can, Nicola’s putting together a community leaflet and would love your local organisation or shop to be listed in it. We want this to be a brief, easy-to-read affair, so if you’re interested, please email the following:

  • A sentence or so describing your group
  • Contact details for anyone interested in joining your group / patronising your shop / etc

What will be accepted?

  • Information of interest and/or benefit to the community (e.g. from groups, organisations, and charities)
  • Information from local shops, market traders, and non-chain pubs

Please email the information to whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk.

Deadline: 30 June 2013

Deadline for Participants!

The closing date is nearly upon us! If you would like to have a stand or stall, give a talk or demonstration, or in some other way participate for the festival (aside from volunteering and coming along to enjoy the festival day), please note your deadline to submit a proposal is:

Sunday, the 30th of June, 2013!

If you want to get involved, please email whatsonnorthwest@hotmail.co.uk before the end of Sunday if you haven’t already!

Also remember there’s a meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, 27 June) – so if you want to chat in person about your idea, feel free to pop along to that!

Appeal For More Artists – Join in!

We are still looking for artists who wish to take part in the festival and promote themselves – do hurry, though, our closing date is 30 June 2013!

We are looking for…

Drama and Theatre

Click for more …
tragedy and comedy masks

  • Drama & Theatre
  • Carnival
  • Circus
  • Comedy
  • Mime
  • Pantomines
  • Plays
  • Puppetry
  • Street Theatre

Film and Video

Click for more …
student making computer animation

  • All film and video
  • Animation
  • Documentary


Click for more …
crafter working

  • All crafts

Visual Art

Click for more …
sand sculptor

  • Illustration
  • Live Art
  • Graffiti
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Public Art
  • Sculpture


Click for more …
word art

  • Performance poetry
  • Poetry
  • Storytelling

Please pass this on to anyone you may feel would be interested. One of the festival’s aims is to help artists to promote themselves.

The festival is run by volunteers and is not-for-profit.

Working away

I’m so sorry this website has languished – that’s what happens when the webmistress leaves home for five weeks and is ill for another three! Life is just about back to normal (for now), so I can update you on all the hard work that’s been happening in my absence. Some of you may have seen the updates in our newsletters or on facebook or twitter, so to you this will be old news, but I shall post it here to catch up anyone who hasn’t done.



Image by Mr T in DC.

Nicola’s put together a booklet to explain what the festival is all about, what sorts of things we have planned, etc. If you’ve read through the website (or the facebook/twitter posts), you’re already familiar with this information, but if you want to share the festival with friends who don’t want to poke around the website, this is a good resource that has encapsulated much of what there is to know about the festival.



Image by NS Newsflash.

There’s been an Inspire Festival newsletter, the April edition. Our sister group, What’s On North West, has been busily spreading word of events going on in our area through its April and May newsletters.

Financial Matters

pound coins

Image by wwarby.

As you may have seen in our April newsletter, we were awarded some funding: many, many thanks to artsderbyshire, Councillor Peter Waude, and Councillor Dave Wilcox! With this funding, we will be able to pay for the liability insurance and for posters to promote the festival. If you are participating in the festival (stall holders, speakers, performers, workshop providers, etc), please get in touch with us about insurance requirements if you haven’t already. Also for participants: please see page 6 of the April newsletter for pertinent information.

Enchanted Woodland Parade

Enchanted woodland

Image by Phillip Ed.

Continuing the good news, we have also secured prizes for Best Dressed in our Enchanted Woodland Parade, with many thanks to the Chestnut Centre Conservation & Wildlife Park! There will be two categories: one for those aged 8 and under, and another for those aged over 8. Each of the two winners will receive a Family Ticket (that’s 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children) to the Chestnut Centre, plus be able to adopt an animal of the winner’s choice! We are very grateful to the Chestnut Centre for this generous donation. Now get your thinking caps on – what can you dress up as to impress the judges? Use your imagination! There are a few suggestions on our poster.



Image by eyeonjapan.com.

Several more groups have booked slots for stalls and workshops at the festival since I’ve been gone, and I’ll be getting them listed on the website soon; thank you all for your patience. We do still have space for a few more workshops and performers, so if you want to join in – do get in touch!

Volunteers Needed

Help Wanted

Image by bgottsab.

One last thing. We could really use a bit more help. Could you give us a few hours of your time to steward the festival on the day? Or perhaps you’d like to lend a hand but won’t be available on our festival day? If so, we would be really grateful if you could put up a few posters in advance of the festival. In either case, please get in touch (via email, facebook, twitter, or commenting below) or feel free to come along to our next meeting!

Our About Glossop Stand


Image by Mr T in DC.

Calling all local shops and traders!

As previously mentioned, the Inspire Festival aims to promote and support local shops and market traders.

If you can’t have a stall at the festival, please bring along some leaflets, posters, or information. We will be having a stand to promote all local shops and traders.

We would like to reach all of you so please pass this on!

Get Involved – Be a Speaker!


Image by on visual.dichotomy.

As you can tell from the speakers page, we are coming up a tad short on speakers – that can’t be right, everyone has something to say! Come on, give it some thought: what would you like a slot to chat about? A few ideas include:

  • Talk about a local group you’re involved with – yes, you can give a talk in addition to having a table! You’re going to be making a pitch to people coming by your table anyways, so why not take advantage of being able to tell them that they can hear more at a certain time in the speaker’s area?
  • Talk about an interesting topic – If you think it’s interesting, no doubt other people will, too.
  • Talk about a cause or campaign – Are you helping to support a movement to change something or fix something or fighting to keep something? There’s a zillion and one causes out there; come, tell us yours and what we can do to help!
  • Talk about something inspiring – Inspire us! Have a look again at the festival aims; perhaps you and a few friends could come together and give a talk about ideas to increase audience members’ greenness (of course that’s a word, I just used it!) or sustainability? Perhaps you’d like to inspire us to be more positive and compassionate? You could tell us some practical methods to accomplish that, and perhaps illustrate it with anecdotes of how small acts of kindness have made real differences to the recipients. Those are just a couple of ideas off the top of my head – the sky’s the limit!
thinking cap

Image by -hndrk-.

That’s just to get you started thinking – there’s such a bewildering array of choices to think about, once you get going! Go on, put the ol’ thinking cap on! Please get in touch by email at WhatsOnNorthwest@hotmail.co.uk once you’re inspired to share your message!


Welcome to our new website! Please take a look round the site.

We are currently planning the festival, which will be held on Saturday the 3rd of August 2013, at the Central Methodist Church. (See the venue page for a map and directions.) We shall keep you updated on our progress on this page.

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